The Shift

What Is “The Shift”?

Below, I have listed the various ways that I describe “the shift” to others. It can be tricky and complex to discuss subtle, yet immensely powerful, spiritual ideas and concepts to others as our language is so ineffective in doing so.

So, I have listed quite a few different definitions and points of view about the shift in order to hopefully clarify it for you.

Also, linked here is the complete series of articles I have written on the topic which I encourage you to explore. My aim here is to inspire as many people as possible to make the shift while also encouraging an honest discourse about those areas in life where we haven’t yet shifted.

Making the shift is not easy. Virtually all of the programming and media we are bombarded with on a daily basis in this society runs counter to making the shift. And, yet, for many of us walking the spiritual path: the shift is the truth. So, while we explore our abilities as powerful creators in this life, we must also generously love ourselves along our journey.

As many of us (myself included) are shifting. Or, we are on the journey towards living more and more from a sourceful place rather than from a reactive/victim place. We are on the road in other words – so, not “there” anymore (thank God) but also, not quite “here” yet either. Someplace in between. This is the human condition.

Knowing the truth is relatively easy, living it is an entirely different challenge altogether. Let us be patient, loving and compassionate to ourselves and others as we do the most unnatural thing in this world…live from our natural state, a state of endless and abundant joy.

“The Shift”: Definitions

~ The shift is when we go from being outwardly focused to inwardly focused.

~ The shift is when we prefer to change our state of being rather than attempt, yet again, to control and manipulate our life by changing its appearance.

~ The shift is when we know that shifting our state is our true power rather than controlling circumstances. When we truly prefer this the majority of the time, then we have made the shift.

~ To create our own reality is to make the shift, or to prefer shifting our state of being rather than attempt (yet again) to change or control our circumstances.

~ The shift is the most powerful tool in the creator’s toolbox.

~ The shift is when you get out of the way (literally) and allow flow at it’s maximum capacity.

~ The shift is when we transition from seeking to change or improve our lives via controlling or manipulating circumstances to simply shifting our state of being to joy, knowing this is the most empowered method to upgrading our circumstances.

~ It is quite possible that you *think* you have made the shift, and – in fact – have not. Thus is the delusional power of the mind.

~ “The Shift” is when we – more often than not – consciously create our reality rather than unconsciously (for we are always creating). This is simply when we embody this truth, rather than it remaining, in the realm of thought or an idea that we know or believe to be true. When we shift, it becomes truly alive, as do we.

~ Post-shift: action remains important, but only when inspired. Pre-shift: action is always the go-to, yet rarely generating improved results. Why do we continue to function in this way? The programming of the mind.

~ We know we have made the shift when we can truthfully say we operate the majority of our lives from a place of alignment and clarity and that when we find ourselves misaligned – or viewing the world via a distorted perception – we immediately realign with source’s view of the moment which is always filled with joy, peace and perfection.

~ The prerequisite for making the shift is that we wake up to the truth, and realize that our state of being always creates the world in front of us. The world and its massive bombardment of disempowering programming teach us the opposite: to take our cue from circumstances. If life goes my way, THEN be happy, joyful, free. Thus, the miraculous nature of awakening

~ However, knowing this as a fact and having this truth fully alive in my being are two distinctly different places along the spiritual path. It is easy to mistake the one for the other.

~ The law of attraction can only be utilized consciously by one who has made the shift.

~ In order to actually transform one’s life, a human being must first prefer shifting his/her state of being as the prime directive rather than fix or control the appearance of his/her life situation. Most people habitually do the latter, even while knowing the former is true. 

~ If you’re worried, you haven’t made the shift
If you’re angry or frustrated, you haven’t made the shift
If you’re anxious, you haven’t made the shift
If you’re anything but peaceful and joyful, then you are simply being reminded to shift by the universe in the form of the other emotion currently experienced

~ The shift is always based upon a decision to shift. Prior to this, we are simply getting ready to shift in the form of learning the inefficacy of controlling life rather than controlling one’s state of being. Once one has compiled enough evidence, he or she is ready to decide. Until then, honor the journey for this is not easy.

I welcome your comments and additions to this list below. Please know that, should you offer something that really resonates with me, I may add it to the post itself. Thank you!


Stephen is a writer, artist, entrepreneur, partner and daddy. He has also been known as Stephen Nash, and even Playboy or PlayboyLA (long story, though thanks to Neil Strauss for writing it). He has always been fascinated by spirituality and the urge to create epic, awesome things. This blog features content related to both topics and, often, their convergence.

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