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To “Shift” is to Embody

To “shift” is to move from the posture of disempowered victim (or receiver of life and experience) into a powerfully conscious creator of one’s life.

It points to the most dramatic and empowered decision a person can make. For the very few, this happens in a flash. One goes from being deeply asleep to having a dramatic and powerful moment of awakening. These, again, are rare.

For most, the journey into living as a conscious, empowered creator takes a blend of experience and time. This is sometimes referred to as the the journey from the head to the heart. This is a realization where we stop needing to remember, or recall, an idea as the truth of who I am and how creation works (or flows) to this same truth becoming fully embodied, or realized, in our Being.

This path includes two main aspects or expressions:

Meditate & Play (thanks Bentinho)

To play is to create, express, manifest, live. We take risks, do things we’ve always longed to do, and allow for our excitement to lead us (rather than always second guessing ourselves and defaulting to a purely rational approach to living). This is where we begin to lean into our comfort zones – which are always the learned creations of the programming matrix of the world – and offer expressions which are clearer, more authentic, truly vulnerable unique and aligned with what we might call ones “purpose” or “calling”.

The less linear and more spontaneous, or driven by inspiration, the better.

Here, we begin to live from another place, a place less of the mind and more of the heart. These expressions often begin in a very scattered way, but eventually become more and more laser sharp as my theme becomes clearer and clearer and clearer. And, as I become more alight with the truth of who I am.

Alongside this, we nourish ourselves with meditation or contemplation. This likely begins as a fairly structured practice (“from 8-9am, I will sit and meditate in my office”). But, this eventually infiltrates more of my life as I more and more live from the place of the vast, ocean of awareness underpinning all expressions. I’m less identified and triggered. Less caught up in the banality of life, and more aware of the miracles that appear always and everywhere.

Last year we decided to move to Costa Rica. It was exciting and clearly aligned with our collective family calling and aim. Then, we got fearful, met our own internal resistance (as well as the doubts and fears of other family members), had to deal with the bureaucracy of such a move (paperwork and the like), long day’s of air travel alongside my fear of flying etc.

Balanced with each of these challenges was a deep, introspective curiosity for the truth. We’d meditate, see things more clearly, share about it (or, just see it clearly as a “thought” with no relation to the truth) and then allow it to dissolve in the light of awareness. We would then feel more free, more aligned, more ringing with truth. Through each of these experiences, the old patterns begin to fall away and evaporate and are replaced with more truth-grounded, empowered beliefs.

Then, we’d do this again…and again…and again…all the way to Las Vegas (yup, moved here in June – how’s that for a linear timeline!).

This is the path to embodiment, at least as I’m experiencing it. If you want to shift into the most empowered version of YOU, some version of this is likely to play out for you.

This combination of expansive expression (“play”) with deep contemplation (“meditate”) has been, for me, the most consistent pattern along the road to embodying the shift.

For what use is the truth unexpressed, left to sit in the mind as a thought, or something I read, or something I heard from a teacher or guru?

Very little.

To learn more about “the shift”, what it means, my journey with it & more, click here.

(Pic is of me and my daughter Sofia along the Pacific coast near Ucluelet, Vancouver Island during our epic #vanlife journey in 2017)


Stephen is a writer, artist, entrepreneur, partner and daddy. He has also been known as Stephen Nash, and even Playboy or PlayboyLA (long story, though thanks to Neil Strauss for writing it). He has always been fascinated by spirituality and the urge to create epic, awesome things. This blog features content related to both topics and, often, their convergence.

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