Coaching Programs

Coaching Programs

I currently offer two types of programs, one is a group coaching program for 3-6 men. This is my preferred model as so much support and connection happens with a group, accelerating everyone’s progress. I also do 1-1 coaching, though at a premium given the deep and intimate nature of the work. I am available for hourly coaching, but this is rare as these tend not to contain the proper amount of time and connection to develop which generates the level of support which leads to success and powerful transformation.

Men's Group Coaching Program (3-6 men)

This is my favorite model for supporting your evolution and growth. With my group coaching program, we form a mastermind of men who hold each other accountable under my guidance. The group forms a whole, supporting and inspiring each other moving forward together and often forming long-term friendships and connections which surpass the duration of the program.

We first focus on each of you discovering your “calling” (or life purpose) which then becomes the axis for everything else we do. From here, we rebuild life anew to correspond with this calling. This can be radical and is where the support of others is so necessary. We then begin to look closely at your lifestyle and social circle, which – when reengineered – naturally build supportive community around you and – if you’re single – effortlessly brings you attractive women.

The curriculum I lead the group through is intense, and often individuals are shown that many aspects of their lives are out of alignment and need shifting. On one’s own, this is a huge challenge. Within the container of a loving, powerful community of men, extreme shifts are likely and expected.

Know this – your challenges with women, dating, business, career and lifestyle are not your problem. They are a symptom. This program addresses the causes of these challenges, and quite often they vanish due to actually resolving the source of the distortion in the first place.

NEXT PROGRAM: Spring of 2019 (program tends to last 90 days). To be placed on the mailing list to have first shot at the application, please click below.

1-1 Coaching

My 1-1 coaching program is for those who are more drawn to the intimacy of working very deeply with me, holding nothing back. Each of these programs are bespoke, and designed specifically for you – the applicant. Typically, we focus on dating, social and relationship challenges, and/or large life decisions related to business, career or radical lifestyle redesign. As with the group program above, we always begin with identifying your calling and then, looking closely at your challenges through the lens of what your life is truly about. Often, the work then becomes intensely clear and…very challenging. This is where a helpful hand is so necessary.

Please click the link below and fill-out the application. I, or a team member, will then reach out to schedule your free 30-minute consultation where we can learn about each other directly, and only move forward if we are both 100% certain that we are a good match for your current challenges.