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I Am A Translator

I recently started a training program for coaches wanting to improve their coaching offer, serve more people and scale their business. It’s going amazing thus far, and I’m getting a lot of value out of it.

Of course, one of the initial questions for any coach is – what is my offer? Or, who do I serve? What “result” do I seek to generate for others?

This leads me back to my personal calling, theme or life purpose. And, even though I’m very familiar with this line of inquiry, every time I approach it fresh, more clarity and content always arises.

As I was speaking about this last night with Theresa (my wife), I became very clear that I am a translator of the ancient truth of oneness and creation into vehicles of expression (words, media, programs, experiences) that can support the awakening and realization of others alive today, in this society.

I am a bridge builder from a dying way of life to one that is radiantly, and radically, alive.

My life’s journey has reflected this. At a young age, I suffered trauma and difficulty. I went through virtually every element of the “matrix” or system of control (everything from being vaccinated and circumcized at an early age to having a corporate job, abusing alcohol & more later on). I hold no blame or anger about any of this, and – in fact – am deeply grateful for every experience. Each has served me brilliantly. And so, I connect most clearly and easily with people who share elements of my story. (Often, it’s men who feel stuck and without direction in corporate jobs or men who feel lost in regards to dating and relationships as I did for years)

And, I’ve come out the other side of this part of my life very clear on what’s true and what isn’t. Or, put differently, what is the system seeking to hijack my natural sense of abundance and freedom trapping me in a system of slavery, versus what is authentic and true to me from within.

This knowing – that life is meant to be joyful and expansive – is something I have always felt, and I am now clear that every real vein of spirituality that has ever emerged on this planet confirms this.

We are all one, anything is truly possible, and that we are each here lovingly guided and supported every step of the way as we seek reunion with the One. And, that the fastest way to reunite, is to live as fully and transparently as possible.

And so, I have a unique gift – especially for men. I can connect your existing pain or challenge with the lies you (and we) have been told and preached. I can show you the truth which lies beyond these challenges and support you in emerging PAST these, into a fuller, more satisfying and joyful expression.

I am a translator, in other words. A modern translator of the truth for those who are truly ready for it. And, I am one of many.

I am convinced that the planet, and our civilization of inhabitants, is going through the most dramatic shift and upgrade in recent history. The systems that have permeated our world are crumbling right before our very eyes – literally every aspect of life is shifting. From the outside, this appears as turmoil, but underneath – the truth is arising.

Many of us are here to support others through this transition – we are translators that can help others see beyond the chaos into an entirely new possibility for our civilization, and we have the special gift for connecting newly awakened souls with their own personal truth within.

The only real requirement is to have reached a point where the pain of continuing along a road that is likely very familiar, which is littered with rules and limits, and which promises more suffering outweighs the pleasure of staying safe, comfortable, hidden.

If you are ready to emerge, there are many that can translate the truth for you, supporting you in claiming your birthright and, eventually (often quickly) flourishing in ways you never thought possible.

No one is here to suffer, but many do because they are compelled to forget the natural joy and bliss of being and flowing. But, once you’ve encountered this truth, you should be warned…it feels so good, so buoyant, so alive and real, that there is definitely no turning back.

(Pic is of me at a Strawberry farm east of Encinitas, CA)


Stephen is a writer, artist, entrepreneur, partner and daddy. He has also been known as Stephen Nash, and even Playboy or PlayboyLA (long story, though thanks to Neil Strauss for writing it). He has always been fascinated by spirituality and the urge to create epic, awesome things. This blog features content related to both topics and, often, their convergence.

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