Free Online “Sacred Attraction” Workshop (Starts May 18th)

Sacred Attraction

I have decided to offer a free online workshop for men who are currently walking a spiritual path and who also feel stuck or challenged in the area of women, dating and relationships.

If you are frustrated, discouraged or simply feel that there must be more to life and your overall experience with women, then this free event will serve you in many, many ways. 

Mainly, this is a workshop for the rare man who desires what I would refer to as a “sacred union” with a woman, which transcends the levels of physical, emotional and intellectual compatibility – indeed reaching into the great mystery of life itself. A relationship that is designed to amplify and accelerate each’s longing for union with the divine.

A connection which cannot be manufactured nor manipulated, it is rather the experience of reuniting with a being or soul which feels like the most natural and effortless energetic connection imaginable.

It is what a fish must experience when finding water or a bird when taking flight finds support by a gentle, steady wind. It is the unmistakable, and deeply resonant “yes” which can only occur when you meet this other aspect of yourself, as if you’ve been separated for decades, maybe lifetimes, and have now, somehow, blissfully discovered each other in the here and now.

Most dating advice is for a broad range of men seeking help in understanding topics such as meeting women, attracting them, dating and escalation tips and then how this transitions into a relationship. For the man walking a spiritual path, much of this content falls short of his level of awakening which rests (largely) beyond the visible plain of “do this/don’t do that”.

This man also seeks a partnership which is truly unique: he wants to bond with a woman who is his match in ways beyond the physical, intellectual and emotional levels (though these are important). Instead, he seeks an indescribable union. He is seeking for a connection that largely cannot be explained nor understood and, yet, he knows that once he meets her – he will know it, often instantly (as I did).

This is something I refer to as “Sacred Attraction” or, the art of aligning with the (mostly) hidden forces that can, and will, unite you with the one you seek.

I can tell you from experience that this sort of relationship is not for the feint of heart. Every shadow which you hold will come forward under such conditions. And yet, you will never be satisfied with an easy or lukewarm connection – some other part of yourself already knows that your destiny is to align under a sacred contract and simply cannot fully commit to anything less than this.

This likely stretches beyond this lifetime into agreements which you committed to before entering this iteration of your journey. This also probably generates considerable frustration for you when you do engage socially and feel a lack of depth and sincerity in your interactions, dates and relationships.

The challenge for you is that most of the advice out there simply doesn’t resonate nor comply with the deep level of awareness which you’ve attained. This is where I hope this program will help.

What will be covered?

This program will blend a study of the inner mechanics and beliefs needed to attract a sacred partnership as well as many tried-and-true tools which you can apply to your lifestyle, social circle and other, outer life areas which can help upgrade and accelerate the path to meeting and connecting with this special individual.

In other words, I will introduce some of the relevant and useful techniques which I’ve picked-up over the years in my own PUA and dating coach experiences with the more potent inner, spiritual knowings which eventually led me to meeting my (seeming) other 10 years ago now.

In my experience, this path will answer all of your questions and will reveal all of your sticking points with women and dating. If you are currently frustrated or challenged in your dating life, this path will reveal this issue to you and offer tools for resolving anything currently blocking you from your fullest experience with women and relationships. 

The path that I will reveal is a spiritual path, and I only want men to attend who have a true and sincere interest in awakening themselves to their authentic and true power and who desire, on a very deep level, a sacred partnership. The challenges most men face with women and dating are spiritual in nature, and therefore no amount of tools, tactics and techniques can help unless a basic foundation in self-realization & self-empowerment is in place.

We will meet weekly for at least 6 weeks beginning Monday, May 18th at 11a pdt/2p edt. Each session will be at an hour though I will go over this timing if needed. I have also created a free Facebook group (linked below) where you can ask questions of me and the community during the retreat (recordings of each session will be available in the Facebook group).

The sessions may extend beyond the 6 weeks if more time is needed or feels relevant for the group. There will be time at the end of each session for Q&A.

Here is the expected flow, though this may shift/evolve as we go:

  • Week 1: What is a “Sacred Partnership”, My Story & Overview of Beliefs
  • Week 2: Your Mission is Your Top Priority – The Sacred Contract With Yourself 
  • Week 3: Realigning Everything To Your Mission & Dealing With “The Resistance”
  • Week 4: Social Circle – Specific Ways To Improve/Upgrade Your Community
  • Week 5: Social Skills & Dating Techniques – Structuring the 1st/2nd/3rd Dates, Conversation Skills & More
  • Week 6: Wrap-up

There is no charge for this event. I am offering this as a service at this time of quarantine and social distancing. It is my view that supporting the evolution and awakening of men is crucial at this time as the planet and our civilization at large is dramatically changing. We need conscious men who understand themselves and women now more than ever before.

This moment is an extraordinary opportunity for many of us to go within and discover our true power and calling in life. I hope that you will jump at this opportunity and join me and others on this free online workshop.

To join us, simply click below and join the Facebook community – this is where all Zoom links for calls will be announced and shared, plus additional weekly content and Q&A. When you join, please read the pinned post as your first mission awaits you:

Sacred Attraction Facebook Community

Thank you!


Stephen is a writer, artist, entrepreneur, partner and daddy. He has also been known as Stephen Nash, and even Playboy or PlayboyLA (long story, though thanks to Neil Strauss for writing it). He has always been fascinated by spirituality and the urge to create epic, awesome things. This blog features content related to both topics and, often, their convergence.

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