How To Get A Girlfriend eBook

How To Get A Girlfriend eBook (5th Ed)

This not a “pick-up” manual. 

This is not a book filled with tactics or techniques designed to generate short-term interest in a woman. This is not a book based on playing a game. It’s a tried and true manual for creating mature and powerful success in real life leading to a lasting relationship.

This is a book about becoming the most attractive version of you possible so that you can naturally attract an amazing woman who is right for you. No healthy relationship is going to last unless you transform yourself into a fully-expressed and attractive man who knows he deserves an awesome woman. So, that is where we begin.

Though How to Get a Girlfriend does contain a lot of powerful tools to use (including exact scripts to use in specific scenarios), we begin with the 3 foundational pieces that allow for success to occur over the long haul and not just a night here or there. From there, we get into specific social skills to use in varying situations such as – what to say when approaching a woman, how to design an epic party so lots of single women come, how to flirt, bait and connect with her in a conversation, specific ways to design a first date so that it’s fun and smooth right from the start etc. 

I’ve written and rewritten this book 5 times. The final version was written when I was happily married and looking to build a family. It has virtually every tool you could ever possibly need to attract an amazing woman for a lasting relationship. Thousands of men have benefitted from this guide (literally). 

And, for $19.97, it’s a steal.

NOTE: How To Get A Girlfriend5th ed is also available on Kindle & as an Audiobook!

Stephen is not only naturally very good with women, but he has expertise and mastery in other areas that augment his success with women…

~ David DeAngelo, Author of “Double Your Dating”