I'm Stephen

You might also know me as…

Stephen Nash,
Playboy or

Yes, I’ve had a few lives in this ultimate timeline.

All of my experiences have served and shaped me in ways I could have never imagined nor predicted. Yes, even being a pick-up artist.

Today, I’m in a partnership with a woman I could have only dreamed of years ago. We are, it seems, designed to be together. Some refer to this as “soulmates” others as “twin flames”. However you describe it, we perfectly mirror each other, and reveal to each the still remaining distortions we carry and where focus and love are needed.

And, we have a ton of fun along the way.

We also have a daughter, Sofia. All I can say about being a parent is that it is the most rewarding, challenging and accelerating thing to ever happen to me (and I think Theresa would agree). In the last 3 years, my spiritual growth as a man, guide and human has never been faster. Our family dynamic is extraordinary in how it consistently reveals to us where we still cling to old, expiring lack beliefs and – due to our unit being enclosed with so much love – the necessary support and clarity to dissolve these contractions.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a seeker of truth. I have studied many great spiritual teachers, been on countless retreats, meditated for hours and explored virtually any resource that might help me understand the nature and meaning of my life. I have also lived very adventurously, doing things outside of the box as a rule, seeking a fully empowered expression to my existence defying the rules of the “matrix”. 

To that end, I have traveled extensively, lived in a Sprinter van, another country, have had my heart broken, suffered the loss of a parent, performed in an Off-Broadway show, started various successful enterprises and, perhaps most importantly, have given my life to my calling or purpose for being here and that is..

That you know you are the creator.

Quite literally, you are God (not God in its entirety, but an irreplaceable, infinitely valuable spark in the greater whole of creation that is “God”) . You might have forgotten this, but you are. This might surprise you, it might even seem blasphemous. But, trust me when I say, you have the power to re-create your life anew along spectacularly joyful lines, experience true love, see the world, discover prosperity and abundance, and live a magnificently expressed life.

And so, challenges with women and dating, with decisions around career and business, with lifestyle choices related to everything from what to eat to how much to meditate are all symptoms of one common theme:

A lack of clarity of purpose. Once this is settled, vast and profound horizons beckon and an extraordinary “knowing” descends.

All of my work boils down to this knowing, and then exploring how that can then flow into expression. So, yes, dating, lifestyle, relationship and business skills are all relevant and something I provide. But they are useless without the more fundamental compass which boils down to facing the most essential question a human can encounter.

Who am I?

As challenging as this question is, it allows for a freedom, expansion and an indisputable joy which is your birthright.

This is what I serve.

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With all my heart I wish you a life of meaning, of you walking the path you know you are here to explore. If I can serve this journey for you in any way, I am ready.

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