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(co-written with my fabulous partner and wife, Theresa Sgobba)


You are living an epic, fully-expressed, empowered and awakened life. Right now, see yourself there, loving, thriving, prospering, serving. See that, and now – FEEL that. Amazing right? You know you can have it. But you know you will need help getting there. My aim (or “calling”, something we’ll talk about later) in life is supporting you – and anyone else – in unlocking from the old, exhaustive and limited way of life expanding into the vast power that you already are (but have, simply, forgotten). It’s a journey, one well-worth taking. And, my hunch is, you already know it. 

You’ve been deceived. It’s not their fault, for they too believe the lie. We’re convinced from an early age that lack and limitation are our crosses to bear, and that struggle and pain are a way of life.

This. Is. Not. True.

Lack of dating and relationship success, struggles with money and career, extreme dissatisfaction with a life of bland repetition and meaningless work are the canaries in the coal mine. They are each a symptom of the fact that you’ve bought in to this mainstream “matrix” way of life & because you’re here, you want out.


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There are 7 different stages or “levels” that a man must address in order to guarantee his success with women and dating. Only one of these is to learn social skills such as successfully starting a conversation, flirting, connecting, what to do on a first date etc. Learning social skills comes after building a strong foundation which has nothing to do with meeting women. Because most other guides fail to address these crucial areas, they fall short of helping you achieve your highest possibility in your dating life. My book covers all of these + all of my favorite and most effective social skills. Learn more and get yours below!

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These are all ways I support others in creating a magical life. I do 1-1 and group coaching programs for men. Click below to learn more about current offers and options.

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Lifestyle Design

I’ve traveled the world out of a small backpack, run multiple successful online businesses, founded a performing arts festival in Brooklyn, lived in a Sprinter van (by choice) & so much more. If you want to learn from someone who has experimented with lifestyle design, you’ll love this section of my blog 

Dating & Relationships

From being featured in Neil Strauss’ book The Game as Playboy, to helping many men for over a decade get a girlfriend (as Stephen Nash) to, now, being married and a father, I’ve had some experience in meeting & dating women. My relationships with my wife and daughter are the most powerful catalysts in my life. Wherever you are on this spectrum, I can help you. My speciality is in helping men design a great life in order to attract a truly special woman.


I’ve been a seeker my whole life, from my challenges with drugs and alcohol in my teens and early twenties to working with some of the most cutting-edge and revolutionary spiritual teachers of our time. I have discovered a powerful vein of truth which both vivifies every moment with meaning while charging my life with purpose and creative clarity. I know why I’m here and what I’m to do. And a big part of that calling is sharing my message with you.